More than twenty years of experience in media production, documentaries, interactive films, television and multimedia. Keen visual and aesthetic sense, deep understanding of the narrative process and strong capacaties for communication. Wide and in-depth technical expertise in camera operation, lights and sound recording, in studio and on locations, and of editing and interactive scripting. 


COMMUNICATION – PhD UQAM, Montreal, Quebec (since sept. 2015)
Study of the spectator’s reflective and prospective processes occurring during the experimentation of interactive documentaries. Analysis of the effect of interactivity on the media experimentation process. Study of intellective and communicational characteristics of the different media contributing to the experimentation of interactive documentaries.

FILM STUDIES – MA Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec (2015)
Narratological analysis of films, video games and interactive documentaries. Study of different forms of interactivity and of the effect of the spectator’s participation in the unfolding of the narrative. Production of a webcasted interactive documentary. Writing of thesis titled : From Linear to Stellar, from Film to Webdocumentaries : a reflective and communication device on reality. This research-creation dissertation explores how interactivity supported by webcast platforms allows the documentary filmmaker and its spect-actors to collaborate on a dialogue on reality. Thesis was unanimously accepted by the jury and judged to be of exceptional quality.

MULTIMEDIA STUDIES – CERTIFICATE  San Francisco State University, San Francisco California (1997)
One year program with emphasis on digital video postproduction, computer graphics and interactive design. Theoretical classes and practical labs, followed by a 3 month internship as editor and videographer at Interval Research in Palo Alto.

ELECTRONIC AND FILM MEDIA – CERTIFICATE  Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff Alberta (1991)
Four month program with emphasis on television production and postproduction. Training in studio and on location, Beta SP camera, lighting, sound recording and linear online editing, with key roles on different productions. Seminars on the history of the medium and the evolution of technologies in film and video production.

FILM STUDIES – MASTER  Université de Montréal, Montreal Québec (1986-90) (not completed)
Emphasis on the theory and language of cinema through film analysis, lectures and seminars, writing of scripts and of thesis.

FILM STUDIES – MAJOR  Université de Montréal, Montreal Québec (1986)
2 year graduate program with emphasis on film production, writing and directing and film theory. Shooting of 16mm fiction films and editing on Steenbeck flatbed editor.

URBAN PLANING - BACHELOR of SOCIAL  SCIENCE  Université de Montréal, Montreal Québec
3 year program. Emphasis on the legal and social aspect of urban design and land use issues. Practical labs in urban space and landscape design in collaboration with other students.

PURE and  APPLIED SCIENCES - D.E.C.(college diploma)  CEGEP de Maisonneuve, Montreal Québec
2 year program. Emphasis on chemistry, physics, mathematics and of a basic scientific method. Theory classes and practical labs.




PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, CAMERAMAN and EDITOR  Positive Interference, Montreal / Vancouver / Los Angeles (2008 to present)
Production of health and socio-cultural documentaries. Planning, writing contracts, management of equipment, crew and budget. Shooting of interviews and events in HD format, sound recording and lighting. Transfer of archives, normalization of different formats, editing and graphics using Final Cut Pro. Production of DVD, Blu-Ray and Web sites.

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, CAMERAMAN and EDITOR  Freelance, Montreal QC (2005 – 2008)
Production of cultural documentaries. Shooting of interviews and performances in DV format, sound recording and lighting. Editing and graphics using Adobe Premier and production of DVD. Writing of scripts.

SENIOR ACCOUNTING CLERK  McGill University Student Accounts, Montreal QC (2005 – 2006)
Explain details of invoices to students and parents. Process financial transactions using Banner, Excel, Crystal, Lotus and other automated accounting systems. Inform foreign students and advise them in their process of obtaining student visas. Act as liaison officer between international students and ambassies, consulats and other local and foreign governmental agencies.

PRODUCER, MENTOR and TRAINER  Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Iqaluit Nunavut ( 2004 – 2005)
Training and advising of newly appointed executive producer and of station manager, to insure the efficient production of five weekly shows broadcast on the national network ATPN. Establishment of training objectives and daily evaluations of learning progress. Hands-on Instructions on managing people, time and budget using day to day activities. Emphasis put on communication, conciliation and problem solving and the respect of production schedules and the meetings of broadcast quality requirements.

TEACHER and PRODUCER  École du Show-Business, Montreal QC (2003 – 2004)
Instructor of three classes of the Film and Television Set Management program; Pre-Production, Computer tools and Production 1. Writing of class objectives, curriculum and syllabus and of regular learning evaluation processes. Producer, screenwriter, director DP and editor of two feature films co-produced with students. Management of budget, crew and shooting locations in collaborations with students. Emphasis on hands-on training in a realistic film production context.

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and EDITOR  Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille France (1999 - 2002)
Producer, writer and director of the short 16 mm B&W film Une Derniere Olive, part of the collective feature film La Merco de l'An 2000. Videographer with a musical theatre company. Instructor of documentary film workshop in a multiethnic neighbourhood in Martigues and writer of three feature film scripts. Production of sociocultural films in DV PAL format .

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, CAMERAMAN and EDITOR  Interval Research Corporation, Palo Alto California USA (1997 - 1999)
Post-production, cameraman and editor in the production of 25 documentaries part of the Portable Portraits serie for linear and interactive viewing. Producer, director and editor of documentaries dealing with socio-cultural research and media experimentations in close collaboration with scientists and artists involved in a technological extrapolation process. Shooting in Beta SP format and editing using Media 100.

PRODUCER, WRITER, DIRECTOR and EDITOR  Gaîa and Treeline Productions, Yellowknife NWT (1994 - 1997)
Producing, writing and directing live TV programs, PSAs, documentaries and docudramas dealing with socio-cultural issues for the Dene Nation and the Inuit People. Work in close collaboration with band concils, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Brainstorming and analysis of complex and delicat social issues and writing of proposals. Establishing budgets and schedules, hiring of crew and talent and training of inexperienced collaborators in front and behind the camera.

TECHNICAL PRODUCER and VIDEOGRAPHER  AMOCO (Chicago), Banff Alberta (1992 - 1997)
Yearly event. One week of media workshops and hands-on training. Technical support and logistic advisor in media events, press conferences and television and radio interviews for managers involved in building awareness of corporate environmental and social responsibilities and the need for a direct and proactive atitude when adressing the media in times of crisis.

VIDEOGRAPHER, PRODUCER and DIRECTOR  The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff Alberta (1990 – 1993)
Producer, writer and director of Yonnondio, a documentary portrait of American feminist and writer Tillie Olsen. Hired on more than fifty productions, documentaries and fiction, on location and in studio. Production work, including camera, lights and editing, combined with advisory work, managing schedules, budgets and crew in close collaboration with artists from all over the world. 

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR  Freelance, Montreal Quebec (1987 – 1990)
Assistant director and assistant art director on short 16 mm independent fiction films suported by the NFB and SOGIC. Rewriting of scripts, making of storyboards and daily call sheets and set building. Responsible for the selection and hiring of crew, the establishment and following of the shooting schedule, the resolution of logistic and technical problems and of ensuring a productive, cheerful and respectful work environment.

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